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Health and Money

Health and Money are two very important components in our life because they make a basis.
Everybody wants to be healthy and wealthy.
If you have both Health and Money you should be Happy, isn’t it?
Welcons website is dedicated to this idea.
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One Technology – Two Unique Products
We’d like to introduce you two anti-aging products of ASEA Company.

There are: ASEA liquid (left pic) and Renu 28 (right pic).
Both products developed on cellular technology (it leads to restore and renew our body cells). Working in the natural way, these products help our body to become healthier, restore and rejuvenate itself. Summary of ASEA features:
ASEA both products

  • Anti-aging
  • Body cells repair and renew
  • Optimizing of Body-Balance
  • Improve Body-Resistance
  • Improve Body-Functionality
  • Speed up the recovery of muscles and bones
  • Enhance Performance, Memory and Thinking
  • Support Vital Activity

ASEA liquid is a liquid for inner use.
Renu 28 is jelly for outer application, for example for wrinkles removing.


These two remarkable products help you to make money and even become a millionaire.
We have many millionaires in our worldwide organization.
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